Integrated Multidisciplinary Rail Services

Construction - Electrification

Barking Riverside Enabling works

Scope of Work

Hedson Rail Somafel JV was engaged by Orion Group to design and install main steel, SPS installation, return conductor wire transfer and associated bonding as part of the Barking Riverside enabling works and footbridge demolition.

Hedson Rails responsibility was from GRIP4 – 8 with the design, design construction interface and as built close completion as part of the full end to end service provided to the client. Our collaborative culture from the delivery and engineering team for this project was essential with the complex staging and reliance on 3rd party works.


  • Completion Date
    April 2018
  • Location
    Barking Riverside, UK
  • Client
    Orion Group


    The Hedson Rail delivery team successfully installed the OLE system during three staged weekend possessions.

    This was done whilst interfacing with John F Hunt Demolition team dismantling the access ramp to the DHL yard adjacent to the OLE system.


    We are proud to say that there were zero accidents or incidents during the construction of the works in March 2018.

    The installation was of the highest quality with robust engineering compliance and assurance management.

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