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The Great West programme

Scope of Work

Hedson Rail are providing an Engineering and Project Management team for Network Rail’s Overhead Line Project in the Thames Valley area for the Great Western Electrification Project as part of the Great Western Route Modernisation.

Hedson Rail is supplying a full Overhead Line Electrification (OLE) team on a managed services basis to support Network Rail to ensure the safe program and construction integration of all the interfaces and drive the clients requirements through to project completion.



    • Completion Date
      March 2014 - Ongoing
    • Location
      Western, UK
    • Client
      Network Rail


    Project and construction management of switch and ATF installation throughout TVA on various route sections. This service has included the management over 300 switch installations, supporting the contractor with planning, installation, switch set up and testing.

    Construction support with lead engineers that manage installation, registration, compliance handback and entry into service. The engineering team have added great value in this area and will be heavily involved up to construction and energization completion.

        “Site Support Team” – Hedson Rail’s team of design engineers and CRE have been supporting the construction and design interface with technical review of site TQ’s, identifying the issues, proposing and self-assuring the most suitable resolutions, providing responses and if appropriate updating the design drawings. This team’s expertise spans the OLE system and their work has ensured minimal delays to construction works completion.

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