Integrated Multidisciplinary Rail Services

Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery is an abhorrent crime whereby men, women and children are exploited for the economic gain of their oppressors. According to the ILO there are 21 million victims and this is unacceptable. There are many ways in which slavery can exist and they take many forms, including forcing someone to work, physically constraining them, dehumanising them or deeming someone as ‘property’ or a ‘possession’ and treating them as such, all for criminal gain.

Hedson Rail wholeheartedly accepts that Modern Slavery is legally and ethically wrong, and it is not aligned with the values that we at Hedson Rail have adopted and strive to demonstrate in our day-to-day working. We acknowledge the risk of forced labour occurring in our supply chain and modern slavery and human exploitation are a growing concern for all. This statement is a mark of our commitment to this issue, and to ensuring that appropriate and coordinated action is taken throughout our businessto ensure we are doing what we can to avoid and curtail this criminal activity.

What are Hedson Rail doing about it?

  • Staff Training

We ensure that all Hedson Rail employees know how to recognise exploitation and are provided with adequate resources to assist them in this, along with information about whom to contact when incidences of suspected slavery are identified. Along with this training we also develop the skills, understanding and knowledge of our managers in the prevention of modern slavery entering our supply chain and business.

  • Pre-employment Screening Process

We have a robust pre-employment screening process designed to assess candidates for known signs of exploitation, with in-depth interview processes, along with thorough document checks to statutory standards, and references taken from previous employment.

  • Supplier Assessment

We require all of our Suppliers to complete an Approved Supplier’s Questionnaire, including questions on their actions to tackle modern slavery. This information is held on file and an update requested from each supplier on an annual basis.

  • Employment Standards

We at Hedson Rail ensure we treat our staff with dignity and the freedom to choose to work for us. Adhering to statutory working hours and industry guidelines, with a commitment to equality of opportunity for individuals and groups enabling them to live their lives free from discrimination and oppression.We have appropriate disciplinary and grievance procedures in place and under no circumstances abuse or intimidate employees.

  • Risk Assessment & Management

Regular review and identification of relevant information from internal and external sources helps Hedson Rail to undertake effective risk assessments and appropriate review of the risks of modern slavery occurring within the company and its supply chain. This enables the root causes of these risks to be investigated, and where issues are found, a strategy for mitigation can be developed. 

  • Employee Remuneration

Remuneration for services rendered will only ever be paid in to a UK bank account in the name of the individual.

  • Caring Culture

Being an SME allows us to maintain regular communication with all of our employees and suppliers.  The Management Team aim to ensure that the well-being of everyone directly associated with the business is maintained at a high standard, whether this is done via a phone call, site visit or a team social.

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