Integrated Multidisciplinary Rail Services

Lurgan Area Track Renewal & Blockade (LATR)

In support to Babcock Rail, Hedson Rail was engaged to provide engineering and supervision support to the Lurgan area blockade. The project scope was to renew circa 1 mile of double line track, 1 S&C crossover, partially renew 2 platforms, infill 2 underbridges, completely renew 3 Level crossings, 1900m of track drainage and outfall connections, embankment regrading throughout and safe cess installation.

The Hedson Rail contingent was a team of 6 engineers and supervisors responsible for construction management, track and drainage installation and project supervision. The service to Babcock was support in project planning and delivery, and it further demonstrates our agility to rapidly mobilise, support project delivery and demobilise in line with programme and budget requirements.

Our team consisted of:

  • Construction Manager
  • Lead Engineers
  • Track Supervisors
  • Principal Technical Officers

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