Integrated Multidisciplinary Rail Services

Kate Langford

Resource Manager

Kate heads up the Hedson Rail Resource Management team, working with internal and external clients to support their recruitment strategies and resource requirements.

Location - Whitstable


Sourcing the best possible range of candidates within the rail sector to support Hedson Rail and/ or clients’ construction and consultancy projects.  This involves collaborating closely with clients to develop recruitment strategies. 

Ensuring all necessary measures are taken to guarantee compliance to safety, fatigue and industry standards.

Providing ongoing resource management to support both large and small-scale rail projects, ensuring that all our teams personify the core values of Hedson Rail.

Kate is also a key part of the Human Resources, Marketing and Operations teams ensuring the legal compliance and smooth running of our business processes.


Kate has a wealth of experience working within recruitment globally and has managed recruitment campaigns for many leading brands, across a wide range of sectors.

With a background in agency recruitment, Kate has worked on all types of recruitment including Contingency, Search, Headhunting and Temps.

Working on the client side at Hedson Rail has given Kate more exposure to wider business and commercial interests, putting her in the perfect position to offer comprehensive solutions to Hedson Rail clients and candidates.

Key Skills

Organisation, planning and communication are the key skills that Kate brings to Hedson Rail.

With a career spent meeting people and enabling them to achieve their ambitions, Kate thrives on developing business relationships.  She is highly experienced at getting to the crux of client recruitment issues and providing advice and solutions.

Kate is very flexible and thrives on being part of a collaborative team.  

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