Integrated Multidisciplinary Rail Services

Health & Safety

Hedson Rail treats Health and Safety seriously and maintains high standards of Health and Safety across all parts of the business and across all our locations. We are all very proud of our excellent safety record. 

Our culture is complete commitment to ensuring that every person who works for us, or comes into contact with our work, returns home safely, without incident or accident occurring.

Within railway construction there are specific hazards unique to the industry. The safety critical nature of the infrastructure, often coupled with working at night, operational constraints, and heavy use of plant and machinery, means safety really is our primary priority and we apply careful and meticulous preparation of all works and follow industry best practice.

This is distilled down to three basic principles:

  • We utilise a competent workforce
  • Who practise safe behaviours
  • While operating within a safe system of work


Hedson Rail are committed to excellence across the business and the wide range of work we undertake, providing a safe, reliable and value for money service, on time and in accordance with agreed customer requirements. Our systematic and disciplined approach ensures a consistent and high level delivery option and a quality professional service to provide defect free installations, first time, to programme and to budget.
We constantly strive:
  • To provide the highest possible standard of service
  • To be resourceful and innovative in meeting our customer needs and expectations
  • Offering continuous improvement that enhances customer satisfaction


Hedson Rail is committed to preventing pollution and to achieving environmental protection through implementing best practice across its business activities wherever possible and practicable.

We have a sustainable approach to what we do, understanding how our role affects and impacts the environment locally and globally. We believe that outstanding environmental performance is a central part of being a responsible and successful company.

We look for the best ways to minimise the impact of our work, as well as how we can positively change, protect and enhance Britain’s environment.

We take our responsibility to, and management of, the environment very seriously. Through design we have the opportunity to incorporate sustainability and environmental credentials into new infrastructure on the network, and through our construction we modify our activities to be less impactful and less wasteful.

Environmental objectives:

  • Reduce, Rationalise, and Optimise the use of energy, waterand other natural resources
  • Minimise waste and identify the best environmental option for disposal
  • Identify opportunities for positive contribution to the environment

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