Integrated Multidisciplinary Rail Services

Core Services


Hedson Rail has capability and capacity to deliver multidiscipline rail construction projects in the UK, with demonstrable experience in Electrification, Track and Signalling projects including associated civil works nationally.

We achieve innovative and cost-effective solutions, and pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients to ensure outstanding results on time, on budget, and with the highest degree of safety, and professionalism on site.

Our strategy is to support the UK rail market and our collective commitments to the end user by not only providing additional capacity but also developing capability and expertise within the industry with a focus on sustainability.


New Construction, Renewals & Maintenance

Plain Line & S&C

Main Line, Light Rail & Depots


New Construction, Renewals & Maintenance

Full System OLE & 3rd Rail

Testing & Commissioning



Testing & Commissioning

SMTH & G110

Working with Hedson Rail

Sustainable Multidiscipline Construction to the UK Rail Market

We have proven our ability to deliver technically complex projects with challenging interfaces on a number of occasions, demonstrating our agility and willingness to operate collaboratively with our clients and all other project stakeholders.

Our design and construction services interoperate with each other seamlessly and we offer the most value to our clients in construction when engaged early. Risk mitigation throughout design, planning, delivery, commissioning and project close out are key to our success.

We have delivered packages across Network Rail, TfL, Translink and Crossrail and ensure compliance with the relevant industry safety, operational, and delivery requirements for each infrastructure manager.

Our construction teams are fully integrated into the Hedson Rail business, our culture and values to ensure, regardless of which team you are working with, our service will always remain consistent.

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