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Box Tunnel Track Lowering

Scope of Work

In partnership with Babcock International Hedson Rail was engaged to deliver circa 6 miles of track lowering through the iconic Box Tunnel. The six week blockade was the largest blockade to be delivered in UK at the time and the works were to facilitate the installation of OLE conductor beam through the tunnel.

The Hedson Rail team were responsible for project and construction management, engineering assurance for design close out and track installation, project supervision and logistics management to deliver track lowering as part of the GWERM program of works.

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Construction management
  • Lead Delivery Engineers / CRE
  • Delivery Engineers
  • Senior Technical Officers
  • Engineering Supervisors and Track supervisors


  • Completion Date
    September 2016
  • Location
    Western, UK
  • Client
    Babcock International


Hedson Rail delivered a highly successful project in extremely complex and challenging conditions, not only with the technical aspects of the works but also with regards to environmental management, tunnel ventilation and movement monitoring. Lead by Hedson Rail senior management, the staged mobilisation was managed effectively to facilitate immediate planning and engineering compliance pre-construction.

Value Added

Through involvement in this project and the wider programme, Hedson Rail has demonstrated its ability to support clients and projects with track construction services delivering high profile and time critical projects.


105% of the scope was delivered with an additional track renewal included during the blockade due to achieving programme efficiencies. The success of the project was due to the collaborative approach adopted by Babcock, Network Rail and Hedson Rail with zero accidents and incidents and full compliance within the extremely stringent environmental restrictions of the site.

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