Integrated Multidisciplinary Rail Services

Design - Deliver - Add Value

Hedson Rail provides an integrated, multidisciplinary service to the UK and international rail markets.

From inception, we have demonstrated to our clients that we are agile and flexible in our approach and we have the industry experience, and technical know-how to successfully deliver projects across our core service areas.

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Our Core Values

We are a culturally driven team and we consistently demonstrate our ability to add value to the rail industry and our clients in line with our core values of , Integrity, Safety, Value, Innovation, and Sustainability.

Our success in project delivery speaks for itself, but our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and collaborative working can be found throughout our business operationally and all our projects.






Experience: A Track Record of Excellence

Established in 2013, Hedson Rail is a sustainable business with vast amounts of experience in delivering design and consultancy, construction and white-collar resource management projects across the UK to our public and private clients.

Our design and construction knowledge and experience complement each other, ensuring the interface between the two are seamless. Our resource management and recruitment services are exceptional, with an in-depth knowledge of project and business needs within the rail market.

  • Design and Consultancy: Electrification, track, civil, structures and buildings
  • Construction: Electrification, track, signalling and associated civils
  • Resource Management: All white-collar roles across the engineering, project management, planning, commercial, operations and HSQE

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