SERVICE: Furrer+Frey GB Ltd Design Support – Great Western Electrification (GWEP)


Client: Furrer and Frey
Form of Contract: Contract for services

Scope of Works:

Hedson Rail was engaged to detail the electrical clearance assessment and study of Earth Wire (EW) and Autotransformer Feeder (ATF) position in 11 bridges of the Great Western Electrification Project to support Furrer and Frey (F+F) GRIP 5 design. The assessment included clearances to compliant pantographs, detailed target Contact and Catenary position to achieve required electrical clearances and detailed location for EW clamps and ATF route.

Services Provided:

The detailed OLE design required the assessment of bridge surveys and scans to determine the clearance of the overhead line equipment (OLE) from the bridge structure.

At the time of the initial design, detailed surveys were not available so the designer was given a schedule of bridge soffit heights, however, these were not sufficient as the structure of bridges vary in type and height.

Hedson Rail was issued 3D and 2D models containing various railway assets, including the bridges to assess a thorough clearance review. There were 11 bridges to assess and the deliverables were as follows:

- reviewed all existing OLE AFC design against accurate bridge information and updated the layout plans with new accurate data;

- create combined bridge cross sections with OLE general arrangements drawing at the designed wire height, and inserted compliant pantographs (both static and dynamic) to assess required electrical clearances;

- Produce longitudinal sections showing the bridge structure, OLE and dimensions illustrating compliant electrical clearance, as well as the jumper location;

- Produce detailed bridge clearance table;

- Guidance to ATF/EW routing where applicable shown in separate cross sections;

- Provision of a design decision and hazard log;

- Review and provide information for the bridge design risk assessment

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