SERVICE: CAT3 Design Checking and NWR Design process management


Client: Hi:Nets / Network Rail
Form of Contract: Professional Service

Scope of Works:

Hedson Rail in partnership with PZ&W Consulting Engineers were engaged to manage the Network Rail interface and design process for the design and installation of five No. 20m high golf ball towers supporting a 60m x 20m net.

Services Provided:

Hi:Nets secured a contract with Basingstoke and Dene Council to design, supply and install five 20m towers spaced 32.5m apart supporting golf ball netting at the Basingstoke Golf Centre.

The work is adjacent to a railway line. Should the towers fall they will not reach the track but they wouldl fall on Network Rail land. It was for this reason that Hedson Rail were engaged.

Due to the proximity of the railway line the use of a crane was ruled out and the towers were to be assembled on the ground and fixed to the foundation stub with a temporary pivot base lifted into position bolted to the foundation stub then the pivot removed

The towers are a standard product designed to BS81100. This has been superseded by the Eurocodes.

The work was carried out on the following basis;

  • NR/L2/CIV/003/F001 was completed by Hedson Rail using data and referencing the original design submission and supplementary information provided by Hi:Nets.
  • Hedson Rail with support from PZ&W Consulting Engineers will carry out a design check to the current Euro Codes and completed Design and Check form NR/L2/CIV003/F003.
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